The right to wind in you hair





When you participate in Luminocity, you’ll be helping Cycling Without Age (CWA) connect elderly people with the community and outdoors.

Funds donated by riders will go towards CWA – an international volunteer, not-for-profit organisation.

CWA works with the elderly to help them feel more included in their community and experience the benefit of being on a bicycle.

A lack of mobility is no longer an obstacle to getting on a bike.  Everyone can enjoy the outdoors and “the right to wind in their hair.”  By experiencing the benefit of being on a bicycle, the elderly feel valued.  The program encourages people aging in a positive context, using cycling as a means to promote interaction with local community members and their environment.

By donating to CWA you’ll help get more trishaws on the roads in Western Australia.  The approved Cycling Without Age electric trishaws from trioBike cost $12,500AUD.   Donations will contribute toward the purchase of new trishaws, as well as promote and support new and existing CWA Affiliates.

Find out how CWA is making a difference HERE